My professional goal has been to help organizations exploit communications opportunities and connect with stakeholders through the appropriate & effective use of web and social media technologies. To do this, I bring strong analytical, creative and humanist approaches to the application of technologies within organizations in areas such as:

• Strategic and project planning,
• Development of information, business process and technical architectures,
• Environmental scanning & critical assessment of trends, technologies, risks & opportunities for services deployment,
• Developing and managing communications related services.

Throughout the past 25 years experience working with Internet technologies, I have been actively involved in developing and administering various portal services, developing standards for IM/IT initiatives and applications, and encouraging interoperability across or-ganizations.

I have provided consulting and project management services to diverse government de-partments and agencies and a range of cultural sector organizations, industry groups, and numerous small- and medium-sized enterprises.

I am an experienced public speaker and communicator, have spoken widely to many pro-fessional groups, and written about the use and effectiveness of Internet technologies and the impact on organizations, professions & society. I initiated – and for the past 12 years – have moderated DIGLIB, the primary mailing list and community of practice for the digital library research community.

My current areas of professional research interests include futures and risk planning for information services, digital library development, social media standards & tools, metadata and semantic web (classification, thesauri, vocabulary) standards developments, inte-roperability, user needs assessment, web metrics and key performance indicators, usability and design research, technology audit and impact assessments & analysis, and national & international information policy.