Nov 212010

It is not for history to supply us with a sense of history. Life always supplies us with a sense of history. It is for history to supply us with a sense of life.

“Headless Horsemen.” New Yorker 2006.06.05

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Nov 202010

The wedge sank five times into the clay,
and a word, which had been spoken in a breath,
lay still until the gods’ names were forgotten.
Then, when strangers took the tile in hand,
while stars sailed into the dark
beyond the world, the dead tongue
in the clay began to speak.

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Nov 202010

The material is beautiful and precious
Though the cost is cheap, the quality is high…
Stretching out when it opens and rolling up
when put away…
To convey your affection to a distance of ten thousand miles away,
With your refined thought written at one corner.

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