Nov 202010

Traquair House Library (created between 1700 and 1740) has a collection of about 3000 books that has remained almost intact since the library was first formed. An unusual arrangement of the library has portraits of philosophers and writers around the ceiling as a device for cataloguing the books. For example, all the books under Pythagoras, are marked on the spines PYTH. Under the name are two numbers. The first number is the shelf number and the second is its position on the shelf.

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Nov 202010

These are the trade paper editions of the complete Sandman by Neil Gaiman:

  1. Preludes and Nocturnes (issues 1-7)
  2. A Doll’s House (issues 8-16)
  3. Dream Country (issues 17-20)
  4. Season of Mists (issues 21-28)
  5. Fables and Reflections (issues 29-31, 38-40, 50)
  6. A Game of You (issues 32-27)
  7. Brief Lives (issues 41-49)
  8. World’s End (issues 51-56)
  9. The Kindly Ones (issues 57-69)
  10. The Wake (issues 70-75)

Other related Morpheus titles:

  • The Dream Hunters.
  • Death: The High Cost of Living.
  • Death: The Time of Your Life.
  • Sandman: Book of Dreams.
  • The Sandman: Endless Nights.
  • Dustcovers: The Collected Sandman Covers, 1989-1996.


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Nov 192010

O bliss of the collector, bliss of the man of leisure! Of no one has less been expected, and no one has had a greater sense of well-being than the man who has been able to carry on his disreputable existence in the mask of Spitzweg,’s ‘Bookworm.’ For inside him there are spirits, or at least little genii, which have seen to it that for a collector – and I mean a real collector, a collector as he ought to be – ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects. Not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them. So I have erected one of his dwellings, with books as the building stones, before you, and now he is going to disappear inside, as is only fitting.

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Nov 192010

Design is choice. The theory of the visual display of quantative information consists of principles that generate design options and that guide choices among options. The principles should not be applied rigidly or in a peevish spirit; they are not logically or mathematically certain; and it is better to violate any principle than to place graceless or inelegant marks on paper. Most principles of design should be greeted with some skepticism, for word authority can dominate our vision, and we may come to see only with our own eyes.

What is to be sought in designs for the visual display of information is the clear portrayal of complexity. Not the complication of the simple; rather the task of the designer is to give visual access to the subtle and the difficult – that is, the revelation of the complex.

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Nov 192010

12th century dualist heresy where it is believed that Good and Evil are two gods and that the material world is Evil. But the twist is that to become a Cathar priest you had to become a perfect through a rite called the consolamentum (consolation). But since most Cathars were not perfect but only credentes (believers) they decided to postpone the consolamentum until they were dying. And before this, they lived rather liberal lives for the times. They ate lots of meat and had lots of sex among other things. A laudable approach to dealing with the duality of attending to the spirit while living in the evil world.

Books to note:

Stephen O’Shea. The Perfect Heresy: The Revolutionary Life and Death of the Medieval Cathars.

Jonathan Sumption. The Albigensian Crusade.

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie. Montaillou. Translation by Barbara Bray.

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