Nov 222012

“This paper extends interplanetary trade theory to an interstellar setting. It is chiefly concerned with the following question: how should interest charges on goods in transit be computed when the goods travel at close to the speed of light? This is a problem because the time taken in transit will appear less to an observer traveling with the goods than to a stationary observer. A solution is derived from economic theory and two useless but true theorems are proved.”

“Is space the Final Frontier of economics? Certainly this is only a first probe of the subject, but the possibilities are surely limitless. (In curved space-time, of course, this does not prevent the possibilities from being finite as well!). I have not even touched on the fascinating possibilities of interstellar finance, where spot and forward exchange markets will have to be supplemented by conditional present markets. Those of us working in this field are still a small band, but we know that the Force is with us.”


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